​History of the Crêpe

​Almost every country has its own version of the crêpe, but it was in France's Brittany region where the crêpe was perfected and elevated to an art form. In the early days of the crêpe, white flour was an expensive product reserved only for royalty, so savory crêpes were traditionally made with buckwheat instead. As farmers became wealthier, they began to enjoy sweet white flour crêpes as an after-dinner treat or with coffee for breakfast.

In Paris and the South of France, crêpes were essentially a dessert, served in fine restaurants, thanks to a young man named Henri Charpentier who in 1895, went to Monaco to work for the Café de Paris with his uncle, the famous chef Escoffier. One evening , the Prince of Wales requested a crêpe for dessert. Henri raced to the kitchen and prepared a crêpe with an orange sauce flambé. He named the Suzette in honor of the beautiful young lady who accompanied the Prince and the rest is history...

Crêpes continue to be re-imagined in kitchens everywhere, and Crêpe-ology continues this tradition with a wide variety of sweet and savory crêpes infused with flavors from around the world.



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Crêpe-ology Restaurant

​With your choice of indoor, outdoor or A/C dining rooms, Crêpe-ology Restaurant offers the perfect setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have a wide variety of starters, salads, sweet and savory crêpes, refreshing iced drinks, coffees and shisha to top off an unforgettable dining experience.  We even offer a family dining room with a couch, dining table and play area for the kids!

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Carousel de Galle, Galle Fort

Crepe-ology is located on the rooftop of the beautifully renovated Carousel de Galle building located in the world heritage Galle Fort.